Friday, September 22, 2006


Well, Morag and I just got back from Austria. We had a great time travelling around. I got to see the imperial treasury in Vienna containing the regalia of the Holy Roman Empire such as the imperial crown from the Ottonian dynasty, the Holy Lance from the Carolingian, a ceremonial sword created for the crowning of Emperor Frederick II and the Sword of St Maurice (not to be confused with the similar Sword of St Maurice now residing in Turin, Italy), and a coronation mantle made for Roger II of Sicily. I missed the Schatzkammer last time I was in Vienna, so I was very thankful of the opportunity to see it this time around.

Morag enjoyed visiting her friend Pia in Vienna, as well as going on the "Sound of Music" tour in Salzburg and going to the Marionette Theatre . We did get to do some hiking up to a waterfall near Golling. Pia introduced us to Sturm, a fermented grape drink somewhere between grape juice and wine which is definitely worth a try. Castle Hohenwerfen is also worth a visit, with stunning views and a falconry exhibit. All in all it was a good holiday and a much needed break from working loads of overtime and weekends!

If you would like to see pictures from our holiday, they are currently available here.

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